5 Tips to Help Land Your
Dream Job: How to Get the
Most Out of Your Job Search

There's no denying that online job hunting has completely transformed the way we look for jobs. But let's be honest. Finding your dream job is often part art and part science, and can still be a daunting task. Let us help by providing you with all the pep-talking pointers and pitfall preparations you need to get the job hunting ball rolling as quickly, efficiently, and hopefully as headache free as possible.

1. It's All in the Prep

Before you begin your job hunt, it’s a good idea to make a list covering what you’re good at, what you’ve done in the past, current skills, job requirements, interests and preferences. You’d be surprised how much you can forget if you don’t have it written down. But furthermore, making a list can help you better figure out what type of job you are best suited.

Are you looking for work close to home? Do you have strong people skills? Do you enjoy working with numbers? What are your non-negotiables? What can you be flexible about?

2. Make the Most of Job Search Websites

Job search websites, such as Indeed.com, can really help simplify job hunting and limit any unnecessary and time-consuming legwork. These sites pull results from thousands of online job listings in your field, saving you hours of searching through Google results or random Craigslist posts.

Keep your job search highly targeted; for example, if you’re a recent graduate be sure to select junior roles or graduate positions. If you’re looking for contracted or freelance work, then be sure to search under temporary. Indeed.com allows you to do this with its advanced search feature; you can specify what you want to be included in the search results and narrow down the results based on factors like salary and the age of the listing.

Of course, the big benefit of a job site like Indeed.com is that you’ll always be kept in the loop. Sign up to receive emails related to your specific job search, will save you time. In addition, posting your resume on the job site means you’ll always be ensuring that work opportunities come to you, based on your preferences.

3. Layout Your Demands

It's okay, it doesn't have to sound like a ransom note – but before properly beginning your search, it's definitely always worth making a note of what you're looking for when browsing the list of vacancies; your expectations, any special needs or requests, expectations of working hours/flexible working and holiday, and your desired salary.

4. Use Social to Your Advantage

You have spent a lot of time building your social network, so use it to your advantage! Consider reaching out to friends, family, previous coworkers, LinkedIn connections, etc. and see if they can help you out. Not only could you get lucky and find a great job, but you can also get valuable feedback and advice to help you during your job search.

Indeed.com has a great forum where you can connect and share links and leads with likeminded people in the same industry or with the same skill-set. This is a veritable goldmine of information to tap into, provided by people with the wisdom of experience.

5. Don’t Forget About the Post-App

Don't be shy about sending a polite and enthusiastic nudge or follow-up email a week after submitting your resume. It shows interest in working with the company and can give you another chance to sell your talents. Many HR departments are genuinely busy, so don't always feel you're getting ignored if you haven't heard back straight away. Job search websites can provide you with a great record of all the roles you have applied for and the relevant contact details. That way it's always easy to stay on track without sounding like a pest.

A little bit of time and effort now will pay huge dividends as you get into the swing of things. Just be sure to do the initial planning, prepare yourself well by making a note of your key preferences, adequately utilize all the best online job resources and channels at your disposal, and regularly reward yourself for your hard work.

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